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This is where you can find most of my projects. Most of the projects will likely be Java applications, but as I learn more, I may make projects in other languages. You can find my projects via two of the three links immediately above (hint: It's not the Home button).

How I Became a Programmer

The story of how I developed a love to code is relatively straightforward. I first came in contact with programming in the third grade, when my brother and I, along with a few friends of ours, entered in the Junior Robotics League hosted by FRC Team 1730: Team Driven. That fall, we six teammates (along with guidance from our parents) learned all about making a robot. As specified by the league's rules, our robot was made from VEX Robotics parts, was the size of a small dog, and was programmed using VEX's EasyC programming software. EasyC was a block-based C programming environment made to be easy enough for youngsters like ourselves to be able to pick it up in an instant. Over the next few summers, I attended Team Driven's robotics camps and continued to amplify my love for the STEM field.
The summer after my sixth-grade year, I attended Team Driven's android app development camp, which taught the basics of MIT's App Inventor: a block-based Java programming environment. App Inventor was great as a starting point for new programmers but wasn't intended to be much more. The next two summers, I went to Team Driven's iPad app development camp: an analogue of the android camp, but this time, campers were taught to program in the Lua programming language via Codea: an all-in-one iPad app that allowed users to develop apps, then deploy them right from the editing screen.
Finally, my freshman year rolled around. I joined my local FRC team as a programmer. My fellow freshman programmers and I were taught Java. We developed a scouting program that displayed multitudes of scouting data in a simple, visually pleasing arrangement that attracted the attention of other teams, and the judges.

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